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Russian Air Force

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The Russian Air Force is the second largest in the world consisting of 211,000 persons, and around 4,877 Aircraft.Russia is also the only other country in the world, other than the United States, that fields a modern bomber force.Not all of Russia's Airforce inventory could be featured as their is no footage available for some aircraft.
The aircraft featured follow with discription.

Su-27SM - Designed to be direct competition to the F-15, and F-18. Each unit costs $34 million, and uses advanced fly-by-wire controls. The Su-27 has 10 hardpoints that can carry some 17,600lbs of weapons. 2,170mi. without refuel. Russia operates some 614 Su-27's (All of Russia's Su-27's are upgraded to SM standered which includes, Glass cockpit, FBW controls, and digital attack suits, and more.)

Su-30 - An all weather multi-role strikefighter, much like the F-15E strike eagle. The Su-30 can carry up to 17,000lbs of guided bombs and/or Air-to-ground/Air-to-Air missiles. Russia operates some 29 Su-30's with production ongoing.

Mig-29 - Developed to counter the F-16 and F-18, the Mig-29 is comparable in size to both, highly manuverable with short range. The (Russian) Mig-29 uses advanced avionics and radar to scan for enemy targets. Russia operates some 716 Mig-29's (421+ have been upgraded to OVT or SM standerds)

Mig-31 - The Mig-31 is the most advanced interceptor in the world, The Mig-31 holds the world record for TTC and has a top speed of some 2,081mph. Mig-31 has built in back messagers for long missions on the crew. Zaslon is the worlds most powerful radar, used on the Mig-31 it can track upto 30 targets and attack 12. The SR-71 retired from service due directly to the Foxhounds introduction, The Mig-31 can fire on enemies from above them while flying faster, and is the fastest combat aircraft in service today. A worlfpack (4 Mig-31's) control over 900km's of airspace and is vertually impenitrable, the Mig-31 like all Russian fighters have Beyond Visual Range capability. Russia operates 386 Mig-31's.

Tu-160 - The largest, heaviest, and fastest strategic bomber in the world today she boasts a payload of nearly 89,000lbs of ordnance. Tu-160 is named "White swan" for its Anti-flash white finish, Russia operates 38 Tu-160's.

Tu-95MS - Mainly used today as a cruise missile platform, the Tu-95MS has a large RCS so the Russian Air Force has opted to use the Bear as a standoff weapon rather than a main bomber, The Bear can fire its Kh-55 cruise missiles from over 1,000mi. away from their target and return to base far before it is met with enemy counter.

Ka-50 - A single seat attack helicopter designed for Special Forces precision strikes. It is capable of carrying up to 16 anti-tank missiles and 2 rocket-pods, and is also capable of carrying UGB's (Un-guided bombs). Russia currently operates 26.

Mi-28 - 2 seat main attack helicopter selected for service to replace the Mi-24 by 2015, 325 havebeen ordered and are set to be delivered in full by 2015. An all weather, day or night attack helicopter, it carries up to 4,400lbs of various weapons such as, Anti-tank guided missiles, rocket pods, gun mounts, and bombs. Russia currently operates 44
(325 by 2015)

Su-34 - A two seat tactical fighter/bomber, The Su-34 is the most advanced fighter/bomber in the world. It carries over 17,630lbs of ordnance and is a direct desendant on the Su-27. Russia operates 43, with 58 on order and 315~ to be delivered by 2015.

Tu-22M3 - Swing-wing maritime strike aircraft. Designed primarily to attack and destroy enemy Naval vessles.
The Tu-22M3 has a 4 man crew and carries 46,300lbs of ordnance. It carries mainly Kh-22 Anti-ship missiles, but can carry upto 69x FAB-250 or 8x FAB-1500 smart bombs.
Russia operates 243 Tu-22M3's.


R-73 - Short range air-to-air missile, extremely manuverable, Mach 2.5 speed.

R-77 - A medium/long range, air-to-air, active radar-guided missile. Longer range, and better proformance than the AIM-120.

Kh-29T - Air-to-surface missile, TV or Laser guided, has a range out to 30km's, and is primarily designed to be used against hardened targets such as industrial buildings, bridges, runways, and bunkers. (HE penetrating warhead)

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