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World War 1 Aircraft

  • 00:55 Popular Vimy mishap

    Vimy mishap

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    Slight mishap during take off at Farnborough 2008, recovered safely though

  • 00:43 Popular Vickers Vimy near miss at Farnborourgh 19-07-2008

    Vickers Vimy near miss at Farnborourgh 19-07-2008

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    Vickers Vimy skids off runway when caught by a sudden gust of wind.

  • 05:13 Popular World War 1 Fighter - Albatros D.Va  [1917]

    World War 1 Fighter - Albatros D.Va [1917]

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    Albatros D.Va reproduction World War One aircraft. In 1916 most German aircraft manufacturers were directed to look at what made the Allied Nieuport fighters so effective, and to incorporate those elements into their new aircraft designs. Albatros redesig

  • 04:33 Popular World War 1 Fighter Aircraft Dogfighting

    World War 1 Fighter Aircraft Dogfighting

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    Several World War One fighter aircraft dogfight for supremacy in the skies.The aircraft include a Sopwith Triplane, Bristol Fighter F.2b, Nieuport 11 on the Allied side and several Fokker Dr.1 triplanes on the German side. -- http://www.aviationfilm.com C

  • 08:55 Popular World War One Dogfight Re-enactment

    World War One Dogfight Re-enactment

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    A world war one dogfight reenactment that involves a fokker tridecker.

  • 08:17 Popular Vickers Vimy WW1 Bomber ..... First across the Atlantic.

    Vickers Vimy WW1 Bomber ..... First across the Atlantic.

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    Captain John Alcock and Lieutenant Arthur Whitten Brown, in a modified Vimy IV, made the first non-stop aerial crossing of the Atlantic. They took off from Lester's Field, near St. Johns, Newfoundland on June 14,1919, and landed June 15,1919, at Clifden i

  • 02:51 Popular Richthofen's Flying Circus

    Richthofen's Flying Circus

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    Richthofen's Flying Circus Manfred von Richthofen The red baron rote der rotte kampflieger rotte barončervený baron rudý baron fokker dr 1 dreidecker trojplošník triplane tryplane 1 world war letecké souboje fly battle Dvorak - New World Symphony - 4th Mo

  • 09:32 Popular Ending- "Von Richthofen&Brown"

    Ending- "Von Richthofen&Brown"

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    A beautiful-looking film with good flying and nice airplanes but not historically accurate.Notes on errors in this clip: Brown's squadron was flying Sopwith Camels not the S.E.5a's seen in the film. Richthofen and Brown never engaged in a "dogfight". Rich

  • 01:55 Popular The Last Flying Sopwith Camel

    The Last Flying Sopwith Camel

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    The only remaining (flying) Sopwith Camel in Europe came to Stow Maries, and here is some video footage we took at the momentous event. Includes BBC coverage used with permission.

  • 01:15 Popular Sopwith Triplane - WWI Fighter

    Sopwith Triplane - WWI Fighter

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    A Sopwith Triplane performs a touch and go in this short clip, reminiscent of a scene from the Western Front in 1917. This Triplane is based in New Zealand and currently wears the colours of Canadian Ace Raymond Collishaw's aircraft named 'Black Maria'. h

  • 12:15 Popular WW1 Fighter Dogfight&Reenactment 02

    WW1 Fighter Dogfight&Reenactment 02

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    Part Two of a First World War battle re-enactment featuring awesome WW1 fighter aircraft, authentic military vehicles from the period and lots of explosions, gunfire and pyrotechnics! The reenactment was held at the Classic Fighters 2003 airshow in Blenhe

  • 04:00 Popular Fokker Triplanes vs Nieuport&Camel

    Fokker Triplanes vs Nieuport&Camel

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    World War One dogfight between two Fokker Dr.1 Triplanes and a Sopwith Camel aided by a Nieuport 11. The two Allied fighters (Camel and Nieuport have authentic (WW1-era) rotary engines. -- http://www.aviationfilm.com Copyright© 2009 Historical Aviation Fi